Scorching the air with flailing guitar and an attitude to match, ROC is changing the face of girl-power-pop as we know it.  Straying a long way from the typical image of what most think a girl should be, ROC alternately thrashes and caresses her infectious tunes, demanding attention from any listener.

She’s done it all. Catchy punchy riffs and melodies from heart felt ballads like “After Sunday“, a rock song with a India twist, “Can’t Be Me”, “ eerie guitar harmonics introducing “Sanity”, to grrl power anthems like, well, “Girls Like Us“.

Roc is a self taught musician who produced, arranged and played all the instruments on the CD except the drums.  “She has a great ear for music” said Dee from Cherokee Studios, who was shocked with ROC’s musical talent as he was mixing the songs. “Especially ‘Sanity’ a tune layered with five harmonic guitars”, he adds. “She is a multi talented performer and will definitely make her mark in the music business.”  Her first single ‘Girls Like Us’ definitely sets a mood of power and strength, an anthem for the new generation of women.”

“Roc is a ripe edgy songwriter and performer with intuitive talent for communicating her emotions through an absorbing blend of vocal and guitar… she is sure to become one of the most respected guitarists in the music industry. You’ll definitely want to watch this woman’s career,” – Music Scene

As her album became a distinct reality, she scripted her moods around the sound of the guitar and from her experiences on the road. As she started to inject her heart and soul into the album, the project took shape in a LA studio as Roc Zonte produced her CD.  The first single “Girls Like Us” is a female anthem for the new millennium.  Roc takes over where Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just wanna have fun” and No Doubt “I’m just a girl” left off and puts the edge on the female scene with her punchy rhythms, guitar riffs, and guitar solos and shreds like no other woman has played, establishing her as the Femme Fatale of the 21st century.

Roc Zonte’s debut Video “Girls Like Us” is a refreshing edgy video at  And while you’re there catch her “Bhangra Rock Guitar Solo” where she wails on the guitar to a Bhangra Beat grooving with the sounds of India Bollywood.

“Roc has been labeled Desi Princess – the Rocking Barbie Doll. A genuinely talented performer and the first pop star for the Indian marketplace. A beautiful exotic and stunning girl, Roc has broken many traditions through her performance.”-Calcutta News

The bonus CD track ‘Bhangra Boy’- an “Indian Club remix”- finds Roc whispering in Hindi as she plays her rhythm guitar. Listen out for the thinly disguised reminisce of Choli Ke Peechi waltzing through the song as her memories of her Punjabi dance and recitals with her mother inspire the song. A unique fact of this album is that Roc has played every single guitar and bass guitar note on the album herself.

“Alt-rock, with an exotic pedigree…she can’t be categorized with the rest of alternative rock’s army of posturing, plaintive females.” India West

In todays market where Majors are struggling to keep up with the growing technology which has enabled an artist to be creative and put their art out there, Roc Zonte has done just that.

“A lot of people try to tell you what to do but you gotta just do what you do and believe in yourself. Don’t just go with whatever some think is the latest trend ‘cause eventually your time will come…”

And that ain’t no psycho babble—that is Roc’s truth. This daring rock n’ roll guitarist, who has defied stereotypes and pursued her passion despite family and industry opposition, is following her dreams of stardom to the top. With unyielding determination and unlimited moxie, Roc is proving that you can make it on your own terms—even in rock n’ roll.

Gaining recognition from Major Companies, Roc Zonte did a unplugged tour for the launch of Best Buy’s musical depart-ment. You can hear her unplugged at

Roc Zonte has also been endorsed by Ernie Ball Guitars joining their list of legendary guitar players.

The first single “Girls Like Us” which is all about girl power pretty much says it all. Now in the process of promoting her CD, Roc is finally getting the buzz and respect she deserves—and she’s earned it without selling out, without conforming, and without toning down her guitar!She is a woman with a mission, a woman with gusto, and a woman unafraid of the industry. And that’s why she’s the woman with the Trendy Cool Buzz.”